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Planning & Design

Working predominantly within the South West, we have gathered an understanding of the status and individual aspects of each Local Authority in the area. It can be a planning jungle and we are there to clear the path to allow our customers to walk the design path and also appreciate the process.

It is up to us to guide each of our customers through the process with as minimal an effort as possible. Once we establish our clients’ knowledge of the planning system, we can cater our service to suit their needs.

Certain types of proposals require differing types of applications. These would normally fall within (but not limited to) one of the following:

  • Householder application
  • Outline application
  • Full planning application
  • Permitted development
  • Certificate of Lawful Development or Use
  • Listed Building
  • Prior notification or prior approval

The types of applications within these categories we have experience and success in dealing with include:

  • Householder applications for extensions and garages
  • Large extensions and conservatories
  • New build housing developments with varying numbers of houses
  • Barn conversions to dwellings or holiday lets
  • Change of use of land or buildings
  • Annexe for a dependant relative
  • Agricultural workers dwellings
  • Agricultural permitted development from barns to dwellings
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Industrial developments
  • Commercial developments
  • Removal of S106 agreements and occupancy conditions
  • Planning appeals
Property Planning

The planning process goes hand in hand with the design process and should not be thought of as independent from each other.


Communication and collaboration is the key to our ethos.

The design process will be different from one customer to the next. That is why the intimate, bespoke service we offer delivers each time we are involved. As with the planning process, we make the design process as easy as possible for the customer. Some customers have never had the need to be involved in designing a proposal but we like to have them involved from the start. Because we take our time to get to know our customers, we feel it benefits us as it gives a better understanding of what their needs are. We like to identify what their needs and priorities are and strive try to achieve as close to their ideal as possible.

Each customer will have differing needs, site constraints, planning policy or budgets. When we are designing a proposal for a customer we are mindful of all aspects of planning, the customers’ requirements and the likely hood of securing consent for what they are looking for. We work in synchronisation with our customers and listen to what they have to say. We will not dictate how a design should be, we are there as an interpreter to realise and deliver what the customers’ wishes are. We produce designs which are a direct collaboration between ourselves and our customers.

We are not happy until the customer is satisfied with their proposal, this is why we strive to achieve and realise their ideas by allowing them to come to fruition.

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