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Building Regulations & Energy

Building Regulations

The Building Regulations are different and separate to a planning application. Planning is based on how a building looks and Building Regulations focus on how it is built. Building Regulations are required to ensure a building is constructed so that it is safe and efficient. The regulations at present will fall into one of the following 4 categories:

• New dwellings
• Works to existing dwellings
• New buildings other than dwellings
• Works to existing building other than dwelling

Each of the above categories has differing regulations which are required to be complied with. The regulations are complicated and are being updated on a constant basis therefore it is essential to make sure that any proposal you are looking to undertake is compliant with the current regulations. As the regulations change, works which are currently being built may be required to comply with regulations other than the most current ones and this can become a little confusing for people not involved with the regulations on a constant basis.

This link provides you with the most up to date regulations and some historic regulations for reference purposes. They can be difficult to understand so we would advise our customers to contact us to discuss the requirements that their proposal would have to show compliance with and the easiest way to deal with the regulations.

Building regulations can be submitted in different formats and depending upon the complexity of the proposal along with the experience of the contractors involved, we can advise our customers what we feel would be the best method for them.

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As a practice who likes to push the boundaries, we work closely with Structural Engineers to allow us the flexibility of designing projects that fall outside of the structure element of the building regulations. By including a suitably qualified engineer when required within the process it allows more flexibility in the final design for the customer.


With climate change and global warming being a high priority, the energy element of the regulations can prove paramount in getting your building passed.

The part of the Building Regulations concerned with energy are the Conservation of Fuel and Power documents and these are applicable to most projects whether it is for residential use or for a use other than residential. It is significantly important when designing new houses that compliance is shown at the design stage to ensure that the building can be built and a completion certificate can be issued by the Local Authority Building Control Department. (LABC)

As our practice is accredited to undertake Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for new build dwellings and conversions to dwellings, we can ensure that your proposal will be compliant when completed when we are involved from the start of a project. We understand the different ways to include renewable energy which can be the most cost effective way to show compliance for our customers.

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